Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bonnie Was A Big Ol' Bad Ass!

Who knew Bonnie was a big damn hero! I had no idea little, bitty Bonnie was some big ol' bad ass! If you've been watching Jericho you know what I'm talking about. Last night's episode, Oversight, had some of the most gripping moments of television I've seen since, okay well since last week's episode of Lost, The Constant.

Seriously, I have to be honest folks, I've been enjoying Jericho. It's been good, but it wasn't really grabbing me by the throat like aspects of Season 1 had done. I'm not sure why. I don't know if it's because the direction it took isn't quite what I expected. I have to give it the benfit of the doubt. Afterall the creators were forced to tell their story in a crammed 7 episodes, which is brutal.

That said, watching Bonnie Richmond [Shoshannah Stern] come alive at the Richmond ranch to defend her friend Mimi was some of the most exciting television I'd seen in recent days. She may be deaf, but she wasn't dumb or blind with that shotgun as she picked off Ravenwood cronies one by one like shooting clay pigeons at a skeet shoot. It was like watching River Tam [Firefly, Serenity] come to life and unleash unbridled whoopass [yeah I like that word]. Who knew she had it in her that sweet little Bonnie.

It seems ironic that Bonnie, of all the characters on Jericho, along with Mimi were the two to wake me up from my lethargy. I loved it! I loved the fact Bonnie went all Butch Cassidy and Sundance or better a new team of Bonnie and Mimi. It was an amazing finale to the episode. She gave her life and went out a hero up against the likes of that Cheyenne scum.

That was intense stuff!

Oh and one more thing, there gonna be hell to pay, because you see she's got a very protective and loving older brother in Stanley whose mission has been to look after her and now that she's gone... well, he is going to Kick Some Serious Ass! Said another way, there will be blood.


Rebecca said...

and you think the town was outraged at Ravenwood and J&R before? Now they've killed a deaf girl, in her home glad she took some of them with her. Hope Jake make sure someone keeps an eye on Mimi in the hospital, wouldn't want her to suffer a Ravenwood inspired accident. Anyone else notice the lack of Ravenwood bodies out there? with Mimi the only witness.

The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

Yeah, this isn't how you build support for a new government. : )