Friday, March 21, 2008

The [Not So] Fabulous Life Of Mira Furlan

The creators of Lost had warned that people would die in the final episode of the first eight installments for Season 4, Meet Kevin Johnson. The casualty of Croatian actress Mira Furlan [Babylon 5] as Danielle Rousseau was unexpected, but unless the island has different plans for her recurring character that bullet she took to the back in the final minutes of the show is all she wrote. It was definitely a bit of a surprise and disappointing for the mere fact that I did enjoy her input. Still, the development of her character had become a bit static and thus not surprising she took one for the team. Not to mention she died heroically defending her daughter. I will miss the Croatian actress' presence on Lost just the same. R.I.P. Rousseau.

Footnote: Mira Furlan has actually had a pretty tough life. I recently read she escaped the civil war of former Yugoslavia before landing a part in Babylon 5. She left behind a successful career and had to literally reinvent herself, adjust to life and language in the US speaking English. Her transition was quite painful initially, but she persevered and overcame the adversity to make it. She's a survivor who has led a pretty remarkable life.

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