Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sci-Fi & Otaku Collectors [a.k.a. Hoarders]

"Nobody knows why they are not extinct, since it is clear they do not mate."
Honestly, I can relate to Otaku collectors. I mean, they're a lot like science fiction collectors.
I found this caption amusing. I don't actually collect Japanese figurines and most other Japanese collectibles, though I have amassed a fairly sizable collection of Neon Genesis Evangelion figures and all kinds of other Evangelion stuff. I've just always connected to that series on all kinds of levels, but visually through its striking character designs, by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto [the characters], the sorely underrated Ikuto Yamashita [the Evangelions] and Hideaki Anno, it's always been a winner.
Granted collecting can overrun the house as spotlighted in this picture and procreating may be difficult for some. In fact, now that I think about it Sci-Fi collectors and Otaku collectors is sort of a kinder, gentler term for hoarding.
So... to the Fancave where I have confined my hoarding.
It's difficult to choose between the Kaiyodo Revoltech line or the new Bandai Robot line. Both companies offer pure genius. Bandai does some amazing work with their partially diecast Chogokin line, so you really can't go wrong with the Robot line which is why they are in direct competition with Revoltech. Still, there's room for both right? : )


John Kenneth Muir said...

Hey SFF:

I always enjoy these collectible/fancave posts very much. I am also a big Evangelion fan, but I have none of the toys, alas. Judging from these pictures, I'm really missing something...

Thanks for posting this.

All my best,

SFF said...

Thanks my friend.

I know it. Evangelion is really something special.

I began checking it again sometime ago, but it wound up being a kind of false start. I was a little disappointed too because I loved the series the first time I saw it.

A short time ago I started watching with the Boy Wonder and this time the excitement all came rushing back. I guess I was open to it again. You have to be open. : )

Great toys though. Love those EVA units.

Best 2 u

le0pard13 said...

Cool collection! Thanks for sharing this, SFF.