Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Fabulous Life Of Mira Furlan

Bloody hell friends! I wasn't paying attention to the details and uncovered a minor revelation.

Furlan may play strange as Ambassador Delenn, but she's no stranger to mystery and intrigue.

Apart from some of the mysteries surrounding Minbari Ambassador Delenn, there was something about her that had been nagging at me. Her mannerisms, her mouth, her voice...things about her were gnawing at me as if I'd seen her somewhere before. You know that feeling you get. But all of that make-up the creators of Babylon 5 had given her character, compounded with the fact she's bald, her ears have been lowered and she has something on her head, had completely cloaked the truth from me [that make-up department is outstanding by the way]. I was thrown off the trail like it was some kind of unintended, certainly unrelated, red herring.

Now clearly, I don't like to dig up too much before watching a program. I like things to unfold before me without having too much information, which is why this astounding news unveiled itself to me by accident. Delenn is played by Mira Furlan. Furlan is the recurring character of Danielle Rousseau on our other favorite sci fi drama Lost. Wow! That is a very cool connection. It certainly won't come as a surprise to many, but it was a pleasant one for me.

How did I uncover this? I stumbled upon the connection while perusing Lost autograph cards on-line and there was one signed by Mira Furlan. BA-DING! LIGHTBULB!
Truth be told, it wasn't until the mid-way point of Season 1 that I realized Lennier was THEE Billy Mumy of Lost In Space fame. I mean, I saw Bill Mumy in the credits of the first episode and thought it must be him, but then for the longest time I thought it wasn't. I didn't see him on the show at least not the way I expected to see him. Of course my confusion makes sense because he's Delenn's little bald assistant Minbari buddy boy and I couldn't make him out underneath all the make-up deception once again. Damn make-up department! Damn Minbari!
Okay, back to Babylon 5.


Anonymous said...

"Bloody hell friends! I wasn't paying attention to the details and uncovered a minor revelation."

THAT is the understatement of the YEAR.


Perhaps our whole married life.

You are too funny.

SFF said...

Ah yes, the one to be pitied [or would that be me]. Welcome.

TFKoP said...

hahahaha! Okay, let me get this straight. You're just now connecting the dots that D'Lenn is Daneille? Whoa........

I was always surprised at how closely the character names are....D'Lenn....Danielle.

And come on...You knew it was Billy "Will Robinson" Mumy as Lennier, right? You're just teasing us. (Just so it's not a surprise to you in a year or two, Billy Mumy is also the brainchild behind Barnes and Barnes, the band that brought us "Fishheads"...fishheads, fishheads, roly-poly fishheads).

Other surprises you may not be aware of:
Matthew Fox was in "Party of 5."
Terry O'Quinn was the "Stepfather", played Omar Santiago in Chris Carter's short-lived "Harsh Realm", played Peter Watts in Chris Carter's "Millenium", played Brian Tillman in a couple of "X-Files" episodes and a few episodes in JJ Abrams "Alias" as FBI Director Kendall.

And Emilie de Raven played Tess Harding on "Roswell".


see ya soon.


SFF said...

I knew about O'Quinn. Is Harsh Realm worth checkin' out? Of course, you know I've been the big PO5 supporter here. I really came into Babylonj 5 cold, but like I said, I thought it had to be Billy Mumy, but I just didn't put it together despite looking at him and thinking he looked familiar. Just slow on the uptake : ). I'm telling you, get rid of the hair and it's hard to place people.