Saturday, November 6, 2010

...To The Fancave!

This is just one shot of my secret Fancave where it all happens. Honestly, mine pales in comparison to the likes of many of y'all out there, but it's like comfort food down there just the same.

I thought I would make ...To The Fancave! an occasional feature and post a picture of a collectible that I own or love or some odd picture from the Down Below you might enjoy.

My collection is much more contemporary than other collectors. I don't have a lot of the vintage stuff that existed from my childhood unfortunately with the exception of comic books, but I'll bring those to you here from time to time.

I mostly played with my old toys as a kid. Many, like an old blue Dinky Thunderbird 2, lost their paint. Others found themselves either in the dumpster or buried in a kind of backyard toy grave like my Planet Of The Apes doll...., rather, action figure. I've made efforts to go and find the toys that I loved as a kid all over, but as a bigger kid complete with wallet. We'll bring you everything from Gatchaman to Thunderbirds, so come on ...To The Fancave!


John Kenneth Muir said...

SFF: This is totally awesome! I didn't know you were an Evangelion fan, either. A friend of mine introduced me to it, and I've been a fan ever since.

Very, very cool!


Fritz "Doc" Freakenstein said...

I envy your “Fancave”, Sci-Fi Fanatic! I don’t have a usable basement in my home, so I have to make do with keeping my collectibles in my den, which can barely contain my sizable paperback and comics collection, let alone leave room to display my somewhat more limited “objects d’art”. I too broke, lost or (my parents) threw away most of my cool toys and collectables from my childhood. I would love to have my collection of Major Matt Mason toys or my old Aurora Universal Monster models from the 60’s, but am too cheap and practical to buy them as an adult. I look forward to seeing more of you toys; especially the Thunderbirds stuff.

BTW: I have been reading your Star Trek: TNG posts, but it has been so many years since I’ve watched them (once) that I can’t fairly comment on whether I agree or disagree with your assessment of specific episodes. Are you going to be getting back to classic Star Trek soon? Keep up the wicked cool posts!

The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

JKM! Well, you're post was inspiration. I had actually thought about doing it awhile back and then shelved it. Your posts put me over the top. So thanks.

Same thing here. Someone pressed me to watch Evangelion. I said, "I like Ghost In The Shell but what do you recommend if I was to try something new?" The answer was Evangelion. I was quite taken with it when I watched it straight through and it really was powerful. So much to think about. I've tried watching it a second time in fits and starts but it hasn't had the same draw the second time around. It was amazing when I watched it straight through I must admit.

I'm hoping to give the series ERGO PROXY a shot and write a little about that one in the future. Sci-Fi anime.

Thanks John.


Good to hear from you. You've been MIA for some time, but great comment- thanks for sharing all of that. I know it. So much stuff gone but for the dustbin of our memories eh?

You're an interesting fellow and I don't know where you would stand on TNG Season One if you watche dit again. I'd like to think you would feel it hasn't aged well. Honestly, it has not been very good. But then, you might see something in it that eludes this fan of Star Trek. It simply can't play in the same ballpark as TOS. It can't. Not TNG Season One.

But, thank you Doc for your feedback. I definitely have Mudd's Women ready to roll. I have to proofread it first. I iced it when I started watching ST:TNG and got on a bit of a roll there, but I suspect TNG will be on hold soon unless I just reel off Season One before the end of the year.

Are you all aware they are starting to play Christmas music already? This is a new development to play 24/ 7 Christmas music one week into November. Wow.

Thanks to you both.

Fritz "Doc" Freakenstein said...

It’s hard to believe that Star Trek: The Next Generation made its broadcast debut 23 years ago! I honestly have not watched any of the episodes since their original airing. Not because I didn’t like the show - which I did for the most part – but because there has been a constant stream of sci-fi and fantasy shows to take up my viewing time in the intervening years. The only science fiction show that I’ve bought on DVD and have attempted to watch again is Babylon 5; and in the two years that I’ve owned the discs, I still haven’t gotten through season 1 (I’m up to episode 16). Back to ST:TNG – I do remember that the first season was a little stiff; in both story and acting. If memory serves, the 3rd season of TNG is where both the writing and actors seemed to find their own identity and the series was nearly as good as classic Trek from there on.

I’m glad that you have Mudd’s Women queued up and ready to go. This had always been one of my favorite episodes; even among the “lighter” episodes like The Trouble with Tribbles and A Piece of the Action.

My solutions to avoiding pre-December Christmas music: News stations, sports talk radio or my trusty cds (or MP3s for you young folks).

The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...


Call me a softy, a kind of enjoy those Christmas tunes. : )

That first season is stiff because the stories are bad. So you're memory serves you well.

I look forward to Season Three as you mention because if it even comes close to TOS we'll be doing good. It's got some ways to go.

But you're point about ST:TOS and its lighter episodes is a good one. Even those episodes are excellent on many levels and are far more successful in execution than ST:TNG.

I liked Babylon 5. It's an acquired taste and challenges expectations I think. It's not for everyone. It requires some effort on the viewer's part to absorb it.

It doesn't rank in my Top 10 of science fiction programs, but it comes close.

Thanks Doc

Fritz "Doc" Freakenstein said...


This looks like you have another post topic! Explain yourself, Sci-Fi Fanatic! In you post - Ten of the Best Science Fiction TV Series [] you state in the comments section,” I may have to do my own some time.” Now is as good a time as any.

The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

I suppose that is a brazen statement to make without looking through the programs and what qualifies as science fiction may differ between you and I right?

It would be a close call. Definitely not my Top 5. I'll have to get this list going.