Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ehn-Ehn-Ehn-Ehn-Ehn [Another Geek Moment is Born]

And a light shined down from the heavens... and The Six Million Dollar Man DVD box set was born.
I've been under the weather all week long my friends. I'm getting there, but the arrival of an early Christmas gift made me feel that much better at the end of the day today. There's nothing that says "I love you" like getting that bring brown package in the mail with the latest collectible you've been anxiously waiting for.
Well, I missed the mail and went outside for something and there it was- the box! I brought it into the house and I said to my son, the Boy Wonder, "Son."
He said, "Yes, Dad."
In complete geek sincerity I exclaimed, "Behold!" [and I flicked on the light switch just above the box to give it that full on sent-from-the-heavens special effect].
With the lights upon the box, I quickly grabbed a knife and my supportive Boy Wonder said, "Oh God, what now?"
I pulled the treasure from the recessed protective brown box and said, "Will you look at that? It's the bloody Six Million Dollar Man- A true icon of popular culture. The complete series on DVD."
Silence filled the room as I grabbed my Cybershot to share the moment with you. As photos were snapped my son proclaimed with love and support, "Seriously Dad? ... That's pathetic."
He and I were cracking up. You'll get one too- a teenager that is. Yes, they are fun to have around and they completely pull your geek rear end back down to Earth right when you prepare to make that mighty, bionic jump off the cliff! They are right there to let you know how positively ridiculous you are. Honestly, he's a great Boy Wonder and I'm glad he doesn't get lost in the pop culture like I do. He enjoys the shows and films, but he doesn't fully appreciate a full-on geek moment of this magnitude. Well, not yet.
But, let's face it, the arrival of The Six Million Dollar Man is ULTRA BIG. I think it ranks up there with, well I don't know what with, but with something for sure. It's like Star Trek being Remastered for Blu-Ray with new special effects BIG. It's bigger than Land Of The Lost arriving on DVD BIG! It's big as if The Courtship Of Eddie's Father starring Bill Bixby finally got released on DVD BIG! Okay, maybe it's bigger than that, but I would be happy about the latter. It's bigger than if The Banana Splits made it to DVD and that would be BIG! It's bigger than Space:1999 making it to Blu-Ray and friends, we all know that is BIG! And it's mainly because we've had absolutely no Steve Austin for decades. Is your bionic ear hearing me?
All I need now is my Bionic Man red jogging jacket and life will be complete. Anyway friends, The Six Million Dollar Man is heading your way!


John Kenneth Muir said...

SFF: The long-awaited moment is here! Congratulations on your Geek Nirvana (and I loved your son's non-plussed reaction to it...). I'm so excited we can now look forward to 6 Million Dollar Man reviews here!


The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

: )

Yes, looking forward to a solid couple of Six Million Dollar Man entries.

Now if I could only use that technology to rebuild me. : )

Thanks John for completely understanding the nirvana of it all

le0pard13 said...

Sounds very cool!