Friday, August 22, 2008

The Torch Is Passed: Stargate Atlantis To Universe

This is certainly not intended to be breaking news as most of you don't come here for that. This is a blog. I do want to report from a report that it has been confirmed that Stargate Atlantis has been cancelled. The last season for the show will be Season Five [100 episodes], the one currently airing on SCI FI Channel.

So Stargate Atlantis managed to push out five seasons not unlike Babylon 5 and one more than Star Trek: Enterprise. That's a fairly impressive run in this day and age despite coming up five seasons shorter than Stargate SG-1's Guinness Book Of World Records record-breaking ten year, consecutive run for a science-fiction show that beat The X-Files as of 2007. Fans are already rallying worldwide with the latest SAVE THE SHOW campaign. I can't see it. Brad Wright and the rest of the crew over at Stargate run a pretty tight and effective gate.

The good news is films are slated to be released for Stargate Atlantis in 2009 as Direct-To-DVD films much like the Stargate SG-1 films, The Ark Of Truth and Continuum. Furthermore, a new series is waiting in the wings to supplant both the original SG-1 and its slick modern Atlantis offspring in the form of Stargate Universe which will debut in 2009 as well and no doubt bee even slicker. The third series will ultimately be younger and slicker and set aboard a ship called the Destiny [built by the Ancients- these folks are not young at all] as it makes its way via a pre-programmed mission guessed it, the universe. A group of young studs [no doubt] gate to the ship from Earth via the ninth chevron on the gate, but can't go home and are forced to keep on trekking. It sounds a touch like the upcoming Virtuality, but I'm sure it will have its unique Stargate flavor. It sounds like it could be another quality affair as long as they keep that up- keep it coming!

Whew! Busy week for Stargate fans.


Anonymous said...

I wish I'd share your optimism about the new series. I hope this doesn't turn out as Stargate's Voyager. I have a bad feeling about this. :/


The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

Hey my friend. I think your concerns are legitimate. I'm optimistic based upon the fact I like much of Atlantis and there has been some solid science fiction like Battlestar Galactica and such. I have a feeling it's going to be quite younger and different, but I like to think optimistically. We will see soon enough, but I'm not anxious to get there as I'd like to enjoy the next year of my life. It's a long way off. : )

Anonymous said...

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