Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mira Furlan: Down But Not Out Exactly

Hey friends. MIA again. Work and life has a way of doing that to us, but that do it for awhile and now I can get back on track with Babylon 5.

A brief mention concerning Lost was issued roughly a week ago [maybe it was during the convention] and I meant to report it then. Word has it the back story for the now deceased character [shot and killed] Danielle Rousseau, played by Mira Furlan, will be explored in Lost, Season Five. That’s great news for fans of Furlan's work. We'll now get a chance to see more on what made the Rousseau character tick. I’m also excited to know perhaps how she landed on that beautiful God-forsaken island. Also, when the creators behind Lost do a back story, they do it right and she should have the floor to shine as an actress in that given episode. So, she may be down [and more than a little out, ..uhhh make that dead], but she’s not out of television completely yet.


Zlatna said...

In the unlikely event that this isn't just more lip service to the fans from Cuse and Lindeof about this long promised "Danielle" flashback that they've been blithering about for four years now, I can totally see them doing it without involving Mira Furlan at all. I also wouldn't be the least bit surprised if this exact same question gets asked again at next year's Comic Con, with the exact same answer given.

They weren't interested in writing for the character in the last two seasons of the show when she was still alive, instead insulting the actress by reducing her to a glorified extra standing in the background in crowd scenes with no dialog to speak of. Why does anyone believe that they would actually want to bother to waste their time on this story when they could be doing episodes about Jack's tattoo's and who Kate is going to be playing "suck face" with this time (flip a coin).

If hell does freeze over and they do actually decide to pen a few lines about "Rousseau's" story and they want Mira involved, it's entirely possible that she will not be available to them to film the scenes. She has never been under contract to the show, and is in no way obligated to come back and shoot the material.

As a huge fan of Mira's I'd be most happy if she never did another episode of LOST. I'd prefer not to ever have to watch another episode of the series.

The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

Well, I have to admit, I feel your pain. Furlan was relegated to barely a character and sidelined entirely through Season Four of Lost. I, too, have [pun intended] lost some of the interest I had in that series the first two years.

Boy, your points are well taken and I had no idea the creators had been promising such an event that never came to pass or that she had any obligation to continue.

I must admit, I sincerely enjoy her as an actress and I do hope come 2009 she will have a show entirely devoted to her character, but given your input -I will remain skeptical and not get high hopes. [Fingers crossed that it happens though].