Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nuclear Talks Stall

I've been reading I Am Spock. It was somewhat coincidental when I reached Chapter Fourteen and read this passage shortly after reading the morning paper. The passage grabbed me because I had remembered reading something very similar in the paper. We always knew Spock was a genius and clearly Leonard Nimoy is no slouch. Okay, perhaps raising a generalization like this isn't all that astounding but to get the headline right on the mark some 22 years after filming Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home is pretty impressive. This is Nimoy discussing the making of a scene in the aforementioned film.

"...Our intrepid crew wanders over to a newspaper vending machine and takes a newspaper from the box. I'd puzzled over an appropriate headline for the newspaper- one that would seem timely and appropriate to a contemporary audience, while still being vague enough so that, when the movie opened many months later in the theatres, the headline wouldn't seem dated. I finally settled on NUCLEAR TALKS STALLED, because I figured that, no matter what happened politically in the following months and even years, someone, somewhere would be negotiating with someone else about nuclear arms."

You've got that spot on Spock... err, I mean Leonard.

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