Monday, July 14, 2008

Baseball '08 [The Long Twilight Struggle]

The baseball season is sooo over [little league that is]. I had to share this scene with you. I cracked up. Maybe you had to live it to really find the humor in it. My son calls me in from outside and he's like, "watch this, it's so funny, I felt the same way sometimes." I laughed because it really was like this. We really and truly didn't win but two whole games the whole season. One of the games didn't even count because we had only 7 players [a pitcher, catcher and infield]. Still, I want you to know, the kids had fun and we never let the wins and losses dictate how we played the game. We had a great bunch of bad news bears. Still, winning was really special when it happened I'll tell ya. This is a clip from Meet The Robinsons. I didn't watch the film, but like I said, this scene was funny.

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