Friday, February 1, 2008

Sanctuary: The Series

It wasn't too long ago I reviewed the web-based version of Sanctuary [click here for a video sample]. I had predicted it was just a matter of time before someone snatched it up for television. It turns out it was greenlit sooner than I expected. Sci-Fi Channel has ordered a 13 episode run.

Not unlike the webisodes the show is expected to rely heavily on the virtual-based sets found in these original shorts albeit with a much heftier budget thankfully.

It was the first high definition web series for science fiction.

Again, Amanda Tapping [Stargate SG-1] will be returning to play the part of Dr. Helen Magnus. SG-1 writing-producing-directing alumni Damian Kindler [creator of Sanctuary] and Martin Wood will also return along with much of the same cast from the web.

The sci fi drama will see Magnus' quest to protect Earth's unfortunate creature-like oddities continue. A new two-hour premiere is forthcoming with filming to begin in March.

UPDATE: This will impact Amanda Tapping's character of Samantha Carter for Stargate Atlantis as she will return in a supporting/ guest only role for Season 5.

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