Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Richard Woolsey

If you don't know who Richard Woolsey is you've probably never watched Stargate SG-1 or Stargate Atlantis. Richard Woolsey works for a furtive operation dubbed the NID. He is officially the International Oversight Committee Representative. He was introduced in Season 7 of SG-1 and now has a recurring role on Atlantis. This fascinating character study is also notably played by actor Robert Picardo.
If you don't know Robert Picardo you probably never watched Star Trek Voyager where he established a very convincing doctor, albeit virtual & holographic, for seven seasons. The medical training clearly built upon from his time as a doctor on China Beach.

As previously announced Amanda Tapping is moving over to the new Sci Fi Channel series Sanctuary and will no longer be a regular on Stargate Atlantis. A replacement was needed for her. It was just announced that Picardo's Woolsey character would be heading up the command of the Atlantis expedition for the upcoming Season 5 of the show.

I'm not sure what the buzz on the street is regarding his position at the top of this gating beast, but I have to tip my cap to the creators of Stargate Atlantis for making such a strong and decisive statement for the show. Picardo is the consummate actor. He's a joy to watch play any role. Until now he's been one of my favorite 'recurring' characters in the Stargate universe and with this announcement he will happily become one of my favorite 'regular' cast members next to Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett and Jason Momoa. He'll also add a very different spice to the chemistry of a show that has already proven itself willing to change and take chances. He will have a unique impact on its diverse cast and the program's ever-changing chemistry and dynamic. It'll be a thrill to see where this goes.

Here is a scene from Robert Picardo's first appearance [Heroes] on Stargate SG-1 illustrating Picardo's immense talent opposite Don Davis. Two powerhouse performances.

By the way, I purchased a box of Stargate Season 7 trading cards and by some sheer miracle was the recipient of a personally autographed very limited card [see above]. You don't get much luckier than that in the world of card collecting. I was pretty excited and my other half [aka The One To Be Pitied as she likes to be called] had to watch me jump around in jubilation. You would have thought the Patriots won the superbowl [ouch that hurt!].

For more information on Robert Picardo and his career from China Beach to The Wonder Years click here for his official website.

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