Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Insiders [SG-1's Clone Wars]

You gotta lotta Baal's comparing this one to Star Wars: The Clone Wars!

You may have heard Star Wars is going computer animated in 2008. They will launch the franchise with a feature film in August followed by an ongoing 30 episodes for the Cartoon Network. So, some pretty exciting news for jedi fans.

For the sci fi fans who like a little more meat on their science fiction bones we fortunately have Star Trek and Stargate. In it's heady Seasons 9 & 10, Stargate SG-1's scriptwriters and effects teams really tackled some fairly complex ideas technically and pulled it off with finesse. The Baal clone conundrum for Insiders was extremely clever.

In Season 9, the creators went to the wall for fanboys with the fruition of multiple Carters. Okay, technically these were not Carter clones. Actually, they were alternate-reality-timeline Carters. In other words, Ripple Effect, saw SG-1 cope with an influx of SG-1 teams through the Stargate from a variety of alternate timelines. They were up to roughly 10 Carters. Of course fangirls had nothing to complain about with multiple Cameron Mitchells, multiple Teal'cs and multiple Daniel Jacksons to ponder running around Cheyenne Mountain.

Yup, them there were some pretty nasty cloning [& alternate reality] problems.

And there was a boatload of conflict in both Ripple Effect and Insiders, SG-1's answer to Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

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