Friday, June 7, 2019

For Fans Of Classic 1960s and 1970s Science Fiction

I finally invested in a region free Blu-Ray player. I had tired of waiting for Region A Blu-Ray releases to occur for a number of titles. Some may never happen here in North America.

The good news is Space:1999, the complete series (both Year One and Year Two), is being released by Shout for North American fans.

Uncertain of any high definition release for Gerry Anderson's UFO (1970) or the classic Bill Bixby series The Incredible Hulk (1977-1982), I've invested in a region free player. The next episode of The Incredible Hulk to be covered here will be the last from my old DVD set. It will be high definition Blu-Ray going forward which should provide a marked improvement in image quality.

We'll also relaunch the single season of UFO from the beginning for FAB FRIDAYs because the images from the UK Blu-Ray release are far superior in every way to the old DVD release. Simply breathtaking stuff.

I've even picked up the Region Free DVD player so that we can continue covering Battle Of The Planets (1978-1980) well beyond the episodes that were made available only in North America (which ended with E38 Seals Of Sytron). I have the complete UK release of that series.

As for kaiju, that is a messy genre. I've managed to update some films on Blu-Ray while still others are DVD only particularly many of my Showa era favorites including some Godzilla classics like Invasion Of Astro-Monster (1965). Still, we do have my beloved Gamera films on Blu-Ray.

What's exciting about this development? We now have Lost In Space, Star Trek, Thunderbirds, Buck Rogers In The 25th Century and Battlestar Galactica along with those aforementioned all on Blu-Ray whenever we cover them here at Musings Of A Sci-Fi Fanatic.

So stay tuned, much more fun to come...

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