Thursday, June 6, 2019

Don Matheson And Deanna Lund: On Land Of The Giants' Special FX

"There was no way you could compete with them. I knew that going in. They were bigger than we were. When it was your turn, you gave it your best shot. The whole concept of Land Of The Giants was more of a star than any of us."

-Don Matheson, Starlog Magazine #162 (p.63)-

"Unfortuantely, what happens... is the actors become props for the special FX. That was the show's one weakness. You didn't really get to know us."

-Deanna Lund, Starlog Magazine #181 (p.30)-

Sadly, it the lack of character with Land Of The Giants' overreliance on effects that became a glaring weakness. Lund suggests the series couldn't have it both ways. Perhaps television at that time on Irwin Allen's watch couldn't. It's too bad because it really could have. It could have been an ideal mix of action adventure and character drama.

To further make the point regarding what Land Of The Giants so badly needed, character, Lund noted if someone had decided not to return had the series been picked up for a Season Three it wouldn't have been a loss at all. The show wouldn't have been hurt. "Nobody was indispensable." To Irwin Allen the props were the thing.

For those readers disinterested in Land Of The Giants, the next entry will be my last for a time.

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