Monday, March 14, 2016

Cleveland Armory: On The Six Million Dollar Man

"This show started out at 90 minutes and now is down to one hour.
Well, they're getting there, but they haven't gone far enough.
We're thinking about Saturday morning---for about a minute and a half."
-TV Guide's Cleveland Armory (The Bionic Book: The Six Million Dollar Man And The Bionic Woman Reconstructed (p.50)-

Ouch! Admittedly I laughed reading that quote because The Six Million Dollar Man (1973-1978) had its problems as viewed through the eyes of an adult. Given all of the advertising money spent with TV Guide for the series in its hey day that had to hurt. Thankfully, the hardcore critic Cleveland Armory of TV Guide did not get his wish and after three lengthy tele-films was shortened to the near one hour marker where it remained.

As a kid, The Six Million Dollar Man was indeed bionic-powered appointment television for the Underoos (1977) and feet pajamas set. Looking back at the series today its filler issues and pacing does give the sensible adult pause.

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