Monday, August 24, 2015

Robert Carlyle: On Stargate Universe (II)

"He has had a bad time in his personal life - his wife died and he wasn't there for her. This is the beginning of his problems and the deconstruction of this man. What happens to a guy who goes up there and doesn't want to go home? It's because he's got nothing to go back to, to start. But number two, and probably more importantly, is the fact that the exploration of the universe, to him, is the greatest thing anyone can ever do; it's the greatest gift to give your fellow human beings, to tell them what's actually out there. So you can look at Rush as being quite heroic in one sense, but in the other way you go, 'Just get these people home!' But he wants to keep exploring."
-Robert Carlyle, SciFiNow #33, p.42-

Carlyle waxes thoughtfully on the motivations of Dr. Nicholas Rush. In a sense, the character captures the push and pull of the series. Stargate Universe presents characters that are lost, perhaps both physically in space and figuratively in their lives for some, but individuals are also in awe of the beauty of the universe around them and entirely enthralled by it all.

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