Monday, August 3, 2015

Brad Wright: On Stargate Universe II

"We will be using the Stargate to visit worlds as the ship encounters them. A unique aspect of all of this is that we're not flying this ship. This ship is flying and we're aboard it. The ship is following a path, the same path it's been following since it was launched thousands of years ago to follow the ship that was launched thousands of years before that planting Stargates."

"We're really thrusting ordinary people into an extraordinary circumstance in this series, and that's going to allow us to tell stories from a less technobabble/scientific way of approaching things the past."
-Creator/writer/producer Brad Wright describing the concept behind those who would live aboard the Destiny (SciFiNow #25, p.58)-

This variation on the Stargate theme, Stargate Universe (SGU), is notable for its natural,
survivalist tone in contrast to its franchise predecessors or even variations on Star Trek. It likely has most in common thematically, to a degree, with 1970s classic Space:1999 and those finding ways to survive on Moonbase Alpha.

As you know, ironically enough, Space:1999 did not fare well in the longevity stakes either lasting just two seasons. But SGU, like that series, will likely find its proponents, endure and gain respect to appoint it the sci-fi classic status it rightfully deserves. SGU is a science fiction pleasure and takes the darker sci-fi vibe of the earlier 70s classic to new heights of its own.

More than its meticulously crafted effects work, lighting and production design, SGU is fully supported by an exceptional ensemble cast and great writing.

And please do not misunderstand, my affection for Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis runs deep. Those are classic series in their own right, but SGU has my full attention at the moment as perhaps the greatest in the evolution of that franchise.

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