Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tom Baker: The Unsurprising Life

"I think the state of childhood is a state of surprise, isn't it, because children don't know anything. As you grow older, if you stay in one place nothing will happen that is surprising. This is what leads people to mischief, or leads them into fiction, or leads them into religion -  they are constantly looking for new surprises. That's why people change clothes or change brands or change partners; we need new surprises. People find it very difficult - I know I find it difficult - to cope with the monotony of an unsurprising life."
 -Tom Baker- (Doctor Who Magazine #258, p.9)
Well gosh, he sure does have a point. Though that's certainly one perspective and not the entire story when making these decisions. Still, the man can make an argument, but he does look of the devil though.

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