Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tom Baker: The Children

"I really like children, but I can't bear them. They bring out the Jack the Ripper in me. I want to strangle them."
-Tom Baker- (Starlog Magazine #115, p.49)

I am positively addicted to just about anything Tom Baker has to say. He could be uttering pure nonsense or rubbish as they say in the old world, but the man pure dead amuses me to no end.

Baker remembers a visit to a hospital that somehow touched the man in ways that we don't often hear about from the eccentric actor.

"I remember I was filled with terror.  I went into a ward where there were children who are severely disturbed and catatonic. Some of the children were about 12 or 13.  The place was bristling with static.  We went through this big thick door and some children were just sitting and others were watching television.  All of them were looking absolutely distraught.  One boy with gimlet eyes looked at me and walked away thinking about what he had seen.  Then, it came into his mind and he said 'Doctor Who.'

I was very, very frightened and the boy just came up to me, having said that, just glided up to me.  He didn't stop until he was actually leaning against me and then he just slipped his hands inside my coat and just embraced me.  I was, of course, turned to stone and embraced him in return, not knowing what to say.  He said it again - 'Doctor Who,' and he gave me a little squeeze and went away.  When I left, the doctor was sweating.  He said, 'That boy hasn't spoken for about 14 months!'"

Ah, the power of the Doctor.

Click here when you want to see the Doctor enjoy tormenting those kids a bit.

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