Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I don't want to get overly wordy on this post, but only wish to take a moment to make note of my reaction to the release of today's trailer for Legendary's Godzilla (2014).  In a word, AWESOME.  In two words, SO EXCITED.  In three words, PACIFIC RIM EXCITED!

Folks it just looks amazing and more importantly what I glimpsed in that trailer was the mood and general atmosphere of the picture.  Gareth Edwards appears to have captured the weight of Godzilla and the seriousness of the creature paying homage to the 1954 classic from Ishiro Honda in spirit. There was indeed a sense of pervading dread and intensity.  There were no jokes abound to lighten the tone.

And when the trailer concludes with the obscured lizard and his trademark deep, guttural growl of a roar that is entirely Godzilla well, my gosh, my concerns almost entirely dissipated. Edwards draws out that lizard's cry tantalizing us with a touch of the vintage combined with a tease of today's modern beast taunting me to wait ever so patiently.  This is not the 1998 monstrosity from Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich people.  I can feel it (and the buildings moving under my very feet).

This appears to be the picture I hoped Gareth Edwards would deliver as I mentioned in my look at his first little big film Monsters.  Just as Edwards had captured the world of Monsters so completely.  Godzilla (2014) appears to beckon with promise and be entirely on track to be all of that and more.

And how can you go wrong with Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston on board for good measure? Folks, I'm just over the moon with giddy excitement.  As I had hoped it's going to be BIG. Gareth's Godzilla-building has generated much excitement building.  Is it May 2014 yet?

Update: There are actually complaints there is not enough Godzilla shown. Really? What did you expect?  There is enough.


Francisco Gonzalez said...

As excited as you are dude! This will be awesome!

The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

And how brother.