Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Battle Of The Planets: The Episodes

Here is a look at the complete 85 wildly, kid-friendly (and geek-friendly), science fiction happy episode titles from the classic Battle Of The Planets (1978).

The series was completed for roughly five million dollars which was serious money in the 1970s for a cartoon series.  It was also the minimum required for syndication which is essentially why we never saw the complete 105 episode Gatchaman (1972) series run finished for Battle Of The Planets.  That's probably the most unfortunate shortfall.

Bottom line though, it was unadulterated escapist fun of the highest order and remains as much today.  But underneath those kid-friendly surfaces, something much deeper lurked within the hearts of our heroes and even its villains.  There was indeed a depth to this animated kids show that made for a much more substantive and satiating entertainment.

The UK release of Battle Of The Planets in its entirety.

Here are the titles that comprise the complete 85 episodes of Battle Of The Planets.

Attack Of The Space Terrapin/ Rescue Of The Astronauts/ The Space Mummy/ The Space Serpent/ Ghost Ship Of Planet Mir/ Big Robot Gold Grab/ Ace From Outer Space/ The Fearful Sea Anemone/ The Jupiter Moon Menace/ A Swarm Of Robot Ants/ Space Rocket Escort/ Beast With A Sweet Tooth/ Perilous Pleasure Cruise/ The Thing With 1,000 Eyes/ Microfilm Mystery/ The Alien Beetles/ A Whale Joins G-Force/ Mad New Ruler Of Spectra/ The Sea Dragon/ Magnetic Attraction/ The Musical Mummy/ The Fiery Lava Giant/ The Bat-Ray Bombers/ Race Against Disaster/ The Ghostly Grasshopper/ The Galaxy Girls/ Curse Of The Cuttlefish Part I/ Curse Of The Cuttlefish Part II/ Demons Of The Desert/ Siege Of The Squids/ Orion, The Wonderdog Of Space/ The Fierce Flowers, Part I/ The Fierce Flowers, Part II/ The Space Rock Concert/ Prisoners In Space/ Victims Of The Hawk/ Raid On Riga/ Seals Of Sytron/ Giant Gila Monster/ Capture Of The Galaxy Code/ Raid On A Nearby Planet/ Keyop Does It All/ Peaks Of The Planet Odin/ The Sky Is Falling!, Part I/ The Sky Is Falling!, Part II/ Raid Of The Red Scorpion/ Mammoth Shark Menace/ Fastest Gun In The Galaxy/ Giant From The Planet Zyr/ Secret Island/ Giant Space Bat/ Attack Of The Alien Wasp/ Decoys Of Doom/ Zoltar Strikes Out/ The Great Brain Robbery/ Raid Of The Space Octopus/ Silent City/ Peril In The Pyramids/ Rage Of The Robotoids/ The Alien Bigfoot/ Invasion Of The Locusts/ The Space Safari/ Museum Of Mystery/ Peril Of The Praying Mantis/ The Awesome Ray Force/ The Duplicate King/ Defector To Spectra/ Panic Of The Peacock/ Mission To Inner Space/ Spectra Space Spider/ Super Space Spies/ Cupid Does It To Keyop/ Tentacles From Space/ Island of Fear/ The Awesome Armadillo/ Invasion Of The Space Center, Part I/ Invasion Of The Space Center, Part II/ Save The Space Colony/ Charioteers Of Changu/ Vacation On Venus/ Rockets Out Of Control/ G-Force Defector/ Strike At Spectra/ G-Force In The Future/ The Conway Tape Tap. *released on DVD in the USA.

And until that day comes when Battle Of The Planets may by some glimmer of hope see the light of day as a full US release be sure to purchase the release of the entire Gatchaman series on Blu-Ray by Sentai.  It's nothing short of stunning.

You can see the list of matching 105 Gatchaman episode titles below.

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