Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Last Dinosaur Promo

The Last Dinosaur (1977) delivers intense drama, terrific science fiction adventure and wonderful old school special effects complements of Tsuburaya Productions.

What about that DVD cover art?  All of the excitement aside the last dinosaur (not actually the last mind you) never actually picks up one of the actors in the film.  Thus, even the box art, exemplifies the kind of artistic license and sense of fantasy that The Last Dinosaur indulges but also sells in spades.

And there is of course that 70s-styled theme song complete with award-winning lyrics to The Last Dinosaur:

Few men have ever done, what he has done.
Or even dreamed, what he has dreamed!
His time has passed! There are no more!
He is the Last…Di-no-saur!

Few men have even tried, what he has tried.
Most men have failed, where he’s prevailed!
His time has passed! There are no mo’!
He is the Last… Di-no-saur!

The world holds nothing new in store for him!
And things that startle you and me, are just a bore to him!
The spark of Life has gone.
His life grows dim!
And there is something left in the World to challenge him!

Few men have ever lived, as he has lived.
Or even walked, where he has walked!
His time has passed. There are no more.
He is the Last… Di-no-saur!
He is the Last… Di—no—saur.

Okay, there's clearly a hint of cheddar there, but that is one bold, fine pop number.  It's actually like the James Bond theme that never was with a touch of aged prehistoric Swiss.


Anonymous said...

Those lyrics are actually sad. He has nothing to live for.

The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

Absolutely true. It's the dramatic delivery Bond styled that comes off a little over the top, but you're right... It's quite sad.