Wednesday, March 20, 2013

SciFiNow: Star Trek: 25 Of The Best

What would you consider to be the best episodes of Star Trek if you had all of the franchises to consider?

SciFiNow #44 donates just four pages to 25 Of The Best episodes of the Star Trek universe. Four pages isn't very many, but for the pictures and the list, it was enough to suck this self-respecting science fiction fanatic into a purchase like a bug to a flame. I'll take it. The photos were nice and it's fun bringing you the latest in Top (something) Lists. The article has selected 25 of the best from 727 episodes of Star Trek. Once again, I leave it to you to decide if you concur. It's an interesting list.  I've beefed up some details regarding each issue not included in that article. I've also selected images not included in the piece.

25. Let That Be Your Last Battlefield (ST:TOS, S3, Ep15).

24. Yesteryear (ST:TAS, Ep2).

23. In The Pale Moonlight (ST:DSN, S6, Ep19).

22. A Taste Of Armageddon (ST:TOS, S1, Ep23).

21. Lower Decks (ST:TNG, S7, Ep15).

20. The Killing Game (ST:Voyager, S4, Ep18 and 19).

19. Non Sequitur (ST:Voyager, S2, Ep5).

18. The Menagerie (ST:TOS, S1, Ep 11 and 12).

17. Regeneration (ST:Enterprise, S2, Ep23).

16. Scorpion (ST:Voyager, S3, 26 and S4, Ep1).

15. The Siege Of AR-558 (ST:DSN, S7, Ep8).

14. In A Mirror, Darkly (ST:Enterprise, S4, Ep18).

13. Rocks And Shoals (ST:DSN, S6, Ep2).

12. Pre-Emptive Strike (ST:TNG, S7, Ep24).

11. Amok Time (ST:TOS, S2, Ep1).

10. Chain Of Command (ST:TNG, S6, Ep10 and 11).

9. Arena (ST:TOS, S1, Ep18).

8. The Best Of Both Worlds (ST:TNG, S3, Ep26 and S4, Ep1).

7. Trials AndTribble-ations (ST:DSN, S5, Ep6).

6. Balance Of Terror (ST:TOS, S1, Ep14).

5. Equinox (ST:Voyager, S5, Ep26 and S6, Ep1).

4. Far Beyond The Stars (ST:DSN, S6, Ep13).

3. Yesterday's Enterprise (ST:TNG, S3, Ep15).

2. All Good Things... (ST:TNG, S7, EP25 and 26).

1. The City On The Edge Of Forever (ST:TOS, S1, Ep28).

SciFiNow creates an out by indicating the list of 25 Of The Best, specifically not identifying the episodes as THE Best. It also includes a few two-parters, which I completely see as logical.

The top three often make lists of the very best.  Once again, The City On The Edge Of Forever and lady love Edith Keeler appears untouchable.

All totalled, the numbers making the Top 25 look as follows: 1. Star Trek: The Original Series (7 entries). 2. Star Trek: The Next Generation (6). 3. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (5). 4. Star Trek: Voyager (4). 5. Star Trek: Enterprise (2). 6. Star Trek: The Animated Series (1). There's clearly a little love for everyone here.  Interesting, but I think SciFiNow may have it right as far as the pyramid of quality goes per franchise, while offering representatives from all of the series.

Still, I do think there were some strong entries in Star Trek: Enterprise and Voyager that are not represented here. I'm also someone who appreciates Enterprise more than most. But these lists are entirely subjective and ST:TOS is missing plenty of classics in my humble opinion.

There does appear to be some incredible Borg-envy here too, but who doesn't envy those Borg stories.

At the very least the list serves as a reminder to the breadth, scope and depth of the many fantastic Star Trek stories that populate the Gene Roddenberry universe.  Further, it also underscores the fact that no Top 25 could ever do the Star Trek universe full justice, but it's a hoot and there are some wonderful entries here.

If you threw this list out to attendees at a Star Trek convention not only would we be there for days, quite frankly, we may not be going home people.


le0pard13 said...

That's quite a list. And it's so true that if you threw this out to a ST convention, the number of revamped lists, and arguments, would be endless. I never thought of doing a best of ALL ST series into one all encompassing list. Probably because I'd find it too daunting to limit this from that, or somehow claim a particular episode from a different decade somehow bested another byway a new wrinkle Roddenberry hadn't initially put out there. Too much to get my head around. Anyway, good look at this, SFF. Thanks.

The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

Right. It seems almost crazy to even try and consider it. Tough to get the arms or "head" around as you said.

Fun, subjective, perhaps a little unfair, but insanely good fun. Cheers L13.

Roman J. Martel said...

Lists like these are always fun but, as you point out, they are more fun because you can debate them. I've been recently getting back into "Star Trek" the past couple years. Still working my way through the different series (just wrapped up a revisit of season 3 of TNG). So lists like these are helpful to point me toward episodes that folks think are the best.

Thanks for posting!

The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

Hello Roman,
I need to do some serious catch ups on all my Star Trek too. Funny you should say that.

But I agree, it's nice to see what people rate as the best and sort of use that as a barometer later regarding your own assessment.

It's so subjective. I remember seeing reviews for he second-to-the-last episode of Farscape's first season. It was considered a fairly weak episode yet I loved it.

Thank you Roman.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Excellent idea. I would have put "Menagerie" higher on the list since it started it all, but I can't argue with "The Best Of Both Worlds"

The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

Maurice great call. great observation. I concur! It's a highlight!