Monday, March 25, 2013

Falling Skies Promos


One of the things on my recent wish list for The Walking Dead would easily apply here to Falling Skies.  Given the nature of these epic stories and the fact that, as viewers, we have been dropped straight into the action from the very beginning with the arrival of their respective Pilots, I would love to see some back story tales.

Opportunities to flesh out how these aliens or zombies came to pass would make for some thrilling storylines.  I'm not saying I want all the answers, but perhaps a glimpse of these invaders arriving and maybe a few compelling character stories.

Imagine a few tales with civilians routinely plodding along through life and leisure only to find the aliens at their back yard doorsteps. The image of the young Matt Mason playing with his paper airplane is a perfect entry waiting to be unveiled. Imagine a flashback tale crafted around the alien abduction of one of Tom Mason's kids or another character on Falling Skies.

Flashbacks never hurt from time to time.  Lost may have taken it to extremes, but the approach was so different it kind of worked for Lost most of the time.  Hopefully, Falling Skies will be given plenty of time to really cultivate its potentially rich mythology.


Maurice Mitchell said...

It looks like they're going out on this season!

The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

You think?
Have you heard anything specific to give that impression?

That would be unfortunate, but I woul take three seasons.

Still, fingers crossed.

Thanks Maurice.