Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Gerry Anderson [1929-2012]

It brings me great sadness following the joys of Christmas to report one of the tremendously bright lights of Great Britain and the science fiction universe has gone dark as English born Gerry Anderson [1929-2012] has passed away at 83 years of age quietly from an ongoing battle with Alzheimer's Disease as reported by

Anderson reported his condition in June of 2012, but today leaves his earthly vessel for the stars he brought so vividly and thrillingly to life for our childhoods.  There would have been a massive void in my youth without Thunderbirds and Space:1999.  It's unimaginable really.

It is a sad day indeed from the FAB world we've come to know and love thanks to its creator, Gerry Anderson.

Anderson was the genius behind Stingray [1964-1965], Thunderbirds [1965-1966], UFO [1970-1971], Space:1999 [1975-1977] and so much more.  I'm sure there will be coverage across the Internet and in upcoming FAB magazine, Andersonic and science fiction publications regarding the wonderful life of this inventive and driven creator behind a host of marvelous sci-fi creations that have become so much apart of our science fiction reality.

His legacy will live on forever.  Thunderbirds will always be go thanks to Anderson. The man was undeniably F-A-B!

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