Friday, December 21, 2012

Bob Kellett [1927-2012]

FAB FRIDAY continues in the spirit of the day memorializing those we have lost.

Connections to all things Gerry Anderson and Sylvia Anderson also saw, along with actress Dolores Mantez of UFO, the passing of English director Bob Kellett.  Kellett passed away in November of 2012.  Kellett is probably best remembered as a director of British sexploitation comedies throughout the 1970s particularly in Great Britain.

For those of us in tune with science fiction and the world of all things FAB (FRIDAY) Kellett is notable as the man behind the camera directing three episodes of Space:1999 Year One, the show which evolved from the ashes of UFO.

He directed Voyager's Return [written by Johnny Byrne] [1975].

He directed The Full Circle [1975].

Finally, he directed The Last Enemy [1976].

These comprised three solid entries from Year One of Space:1999.  Additionally, Kellett actually penned the screenplay for The Last Enemy.

Look for an upcoming look at Kellett and Byrne's Voyager's Return in an upcoming FAB FRIDAY entry.

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