Friday, January 27, 2012

Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward

I heard you were all feeling a little stiff today. I thought I'd get your attention to stand erect, but a woody is better than being wooden.

Yes friends, it's FAB FRIDAY! It's time for all things glorious from the world of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.

What better way to honor this illustrious and truly sacrosanct day than a triple threat visit to the world of Thunderbirds and the fabulous ladies extracted from the world of Anderson. Who better to entertain us on this sacred day than Sylvia Anderson herself, the voice of Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward [2039-present]?

Sylvia Anderson [1937-present] is best known as half of the Anderson creative team along with her former husband Gerry Anderson. They were married from 1962-1975 whereby Sylvia exited the partnership prior to Year Two of Space:1999.

If Lady Penelope were real she would be Sophia Myles or Sylvia Anderson. Her original autobiography, Yes M'Lady [1996] was later reissued with updated material as My FAB Years [2007] including her work on the Thunderbirds [2004] film directed by none other than Jonathan Frakes, Star Trek: The Next Generation's Number One himself.

The never shapely Lady Penelope [always thin as a wooden rail] would be portrayed on film by the strikingly curvy, ever bodacious, absolutely fabulous, herself, Sophia Myles [1980-present]. Funny enough, both Anderson and Myles were born in London. Myles would make a number of cool genre film appearances including Underworld [2002], popular Doctor Who episode The Girl In The Fireplace [2006] featuring Tenth Doctor David Tennant, and Outlander [2008] starring Jim Caviezel.

As far as the character we honor here today, Lady Penelope was born with the proverbial silver spoon. It's true. I know it's not politically correct in today's climate to embrace the wealthy, but despite riches once upon a time we still loved her.

Like Sylvia [who assisted in fashion design work for both UFO and Space:1999], Penelope was indeed a member of the British high society and a fashion icon on the surface, but underneath the designer clothes was a fierce British agent, a true warrior with nerves of balsam that would make even James Bond blush.

Based at the stately Creighton-Ward mansion, complete with underground river route, Penelope is often backed by her driver Aloysius 'Nosey' Parker, her servant and partner-in-crime. Parker is essentially to Penelope what Kato was to the Green Hornet, or what Robin was to Batman or better yet his butler, her own personal Alfred Pennyworth. Yes, the importance of Penelope's Parker cannot be discounted. Parker served time in prison and is one of the world's greatest safe crackers. That's right, if you can't beat them join them. Parker is a sparkling example of true redemption. It's yet another good reason to love Lady Penelope.

Lady Penelope is easily identified by her iconic six wheeling Rolls-Royce, the bright pink FAB 1. The 007-styled vehicle comes complete with machine guns, bullet-proof glass and water skis. She also owns a yacht dubbed FAB 2, a prize-winning racing horse named FAB 3 and an oceangoing sea cruiser called the Seabird.

Anyway, that's Lady Penelope, a chip off the old International Rescue block [of palm tree wood - that is]. This follows a long list of Anderson ladies including Gabrielle Drake, Wanda Ventham, Barbara Bain and Catherine Schell. Like those ladies, Lady Penelope [a.k.a. Sylvia Anderson] was a true babe out of the woods and made from it too.


jdigriz said...

Too bad she didn't "branch" out into other roles. Just last week I picked up "Thunderbird 6" for $3 at Big Lots and really enjoyed re-watching it. I would kill to have Lady Penelope's dulcet tones on my voice mail. Thanks for another F.A.B. tribute.

The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

Ha! Loved that one! It's nice to see someone shares my humor. Thanks.

Great deal on the T6. I still have yet to see that one. I will someday. Glad you enjoyed the FAB tribute!