Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dick Tufeld [Voice Of Robot] [1926-2012]

The voice of Lost In Space's Robot, Dick Tufeld.

Three years to the month after the passing of
Bob May [the man inside Robot] and days apart, the robust, unforgettable and authoritative voice of Robot has passed away. Dick Tufeld established one of the most iconic voices in science fiction history with that instantly recognizable voice of The Robinson family Robot.

Tufeld brought to life many classic lines including "DANGER WILL ROBINSON! DANGER!" and offered the perfect foil for Will Robinson and Dr. Zachary Smith over the course of three wild seasons of Irwin Allen's Lost In Space [1965-1968]. Billy Mumy remembered him as a "cool guy." Angela Cartwright recalls him to be a "true gentleman" who would be missed.

Tufeld was an actor/ narrator and announcer, but will be forever remembered for his beloved role as Robot. Robot was a character brought to life by a two component act. Bob May wore the suit and Tufeld provided Robot his memorable voice. Apart from the Robot character Tufeld also narrated for the series.

Additionally, he narrated for Irwin Allen's The Time Tunnel [1966-1967] and Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea [1964-1968]. Tufeld also contributed to the classic Fantastic Four [1978] cartoon. He also reprised his role for the film Lost In Space [1998]. He was 85.

It was a pleasure to enjoy Tufeld's voice in my youth. It gave me great pleasure to watch Lost In Space through syndication. Like the classic series, Tufeld's voice is timeless and will always be fondly remembered by fans and non-fans alike. Dick Tufeld may be gone, but his voice will never be silenced.


le0pard13 said...

You said it, "unforgettable and authoritative voice" sure fit in this case. Dick Tufeld's work was iconic as Robby the Robot's from 'Forbidden Planet' (distinctively voiced by actor Marvin Miller). I loved (perhaps one of few things in it) his cameo voice in the '98 film remake of the series. The man was part of my growing up, and he will be missed. May he RIP. Fine tribute, SFF. Thanks.

The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

I know. One of the few highlights of the film. I remember being incredibly disappointed. Anyway tks l13.... He had a truly special gifted voice.

John Kenneth Muir said...


Truly bad and sad news today. The voice of the robot, as brought to life by Mr. Tufeld, was downright iconic. Growing up, I felt ALL robots ought to sound like that one.

He's a sci-fi legend who will be missed.


The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

Amen. Isn't that the truth. It's amazing to think he contributed so much through his voice. It's profound really. We definitely lost another of the good ones. regards John, sff