Monday, November 28, 2011

The Courtship Of Eddie's Father Theme

This will bring back memories for some. This is the delightfully charming theme song to The Courtship Of Eddie's Father [1969-1972]. The series ran for three seasons and 73 episodes. The series starred Bill Bixby.

As an homage to Bixby I intended on putting this up about a week ago. It was November 21, 1993 that Bixby passed away succumbing to cancer at the premature young age of 59.

There are actors, singers and icons in your life that remind you of a significant period in your existence, a time that became part of the fabric of who you are for a span and Bixby, for me, was one of those people. Apart from his, well, incredible run as Dr. David Banner on The Incredible Hulk [1977-1982], Bixby also played Tom Corbett on the unforgettable series The Courtship Of Eddie's Father that switched up comedy and drama with seemingly relative ease. There were moments in that series that spoke to the many childhood dilemmas and troubles one faces in youth. Bixby always handled those delicate quandaries with sensitivity and sincerity. The Courtship Of Eddie's Father remains one of those series that had a profound effect on me as a child. We all have them. As insignificant as the series may be to most, it arrived at a good time in my own life and clearly influenced my own view of the world. And who says TV doesn't influence?

The theme song was comissioned, written and recorded by Harry Nilsson, but was surprisingly never released on record. Here's that classic, elusive theme song, Best Friend, and a sample of the show's always original openings.


le0pard13 said...

I still find it surprising this theme song was never released. It is delightfully charming as you say, SFF. Thanks.

The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

My other half has been making fun of my Courtship viewings, but I soldier on happily in the sentimental. Cheers L13.