Friday, September 3, 2010

Brannon Braga's Top 5 Star Trek: Voyager Episodes

It's official. I have determined it takes me precisely two times to retain information extracted from a magazine article found on a shelf and perused at Barnes & Noble. I happened to be in the store again today and thought, "I never did get that Brannon Braga Star Trek: Voyager list right for the folks over at Musings Of A Sci-Fi Fanatic." Well, I went back, memorized and thought I would get it right. These are Writer/ Producer Brannon Braga's Top 5 favorite Star Trek: Voyager episodes for those interested as noted in SFX #199. They may or may not rank anywhere close to your own, but if you're a fan I thought you might enjoy this brief post. At least, it quenches my own thirst for Top 5/10 lists for the moment. I'm like a vampire from True Blood.

1. Living Witness [Season Four, Episode 23].
2. Timeless [Season Five, Episode 6].
3. Relativity [Season Five, Episode 24].
4. Dark Frontier [Season Five, Episode 15 & 16].
5. Someone To Watch Over Me [Season Five, Episode 22].


Will said...

Voyager was, on the whole, a terrible series. But, oddly enough, when they hit one out of the park, it was a whopper! It's just ashame they never had a great consistency with good episodes.

The first season, on a whole, was actually pretty good but the fact that Voyager abandoned Starfleet (the show, not the ship!) and basically ignored everything Deep Space Nine did (the show that was the opposite of Voyager, all excellent shows with few clunkers) made me stop watching consistently once DS9 ended.

Anyways. . .here is my list, if you are interested.

Honorable Mention(s):

12)Dreadnought (2x17) I like anything with Cardassians/Maquis politics.

11)Non Sequitur (2x5) Big fan of Harry Kim and, if you can detect a pattern, it felt like normal Trek with Earth and Starfleet and all that.

TOP 10

10)Barge of the Dead (6x3) RDM briefly came on Voyager and knocked out one hell of a Klingon show.

9)Nemesis (4x4) The previews made this episode look like crapola. . .but the Chakotay episode was excellent even if the aliens did look like Predators.

8)Revulsion (4x5) Nice pseudo serial killer episode and a great guest star in Leland Orser.

7)Eye of the Needle (1x6) Just a great premise PLUS Romulans.

6)11:59 (5x23) I watched this while suffering jet lag in London once and loved it. Good memories but only saw it once.

5)Life Signs (2x19) Great touching story with the Doctor falling in love.

4)Timeless (5x6) This felt like classic Trek and almost felt like it belonged in a different show. Voyager stepped it up for this one.

3)Pathfinder (6x10) Once again, I like the Earth/Starfleet stuff. Barclay, Troi, and Earth's thoughts on the lost Voyager. Loved it.

2)Resolutions (2x25) Powerful and very mature episode for Trek in which Janeway and Chakotay live together on a planet suffering from a disease as Voyager moves on. Mulgrew and Beltran are a great couple.

1)Distant Origin (3x23) I like outside-looking-in shows and I simply love the premise. Great 'Galileo' story on an alien planet.

The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

Thanks Will. I'm definitely interested in your Star Trek: Voyager favorites.

I've heard such mixed reviews on Voyager and apart from seeing a handful I don't have a firm grasp of the show. I hope to whip through it someday and cover the highlights. Writing takes so long it's the only way to go.

I'll look forward to comparing our favorites. Thanks for the input as always my friend.