Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SciFiNow: The Best And Worst Episodes Of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Deep Space Nine.
I have a confession that needs to be redressed. I feel I have been unfairly critical of SciFiNow as magazines go. While the publication may not plumb the depths of my previous science fiction favorite, Starlog, there are still many aspects of the magazine that I have enjoyed. As a result, I have been purchasing it and not giving it the due it deserves. As someone with a thing for visuals the layout in the magazine is particularly strong. My favorite component has often been their segment The Complete Guide To.... Needless to say, I have been remiss, even unfair, not to offer some credit to SciFiNow magazine, which is somehow winning me over. Confession complete.
I submit to you, by way of SciFiNow Issue #22, the Best and Worst Episodes of DS9 extracted from The Complete Guide To Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The question up for discussion is whether you agree or disagree. This is a brief, but entertaining installment for fans of the third installment in the Star Trek franchise.
First, the magazine offers the Worst of ST:DS9's seven season run by way of eight candidates:
1. Profit And Lace [Episode 23, Season Six].
2. Let He Who Is Without Sin... [Episode 7, Season Five].
3. Meridian [Episode 8, Season Three].
4. Prodigal Daughter [Episode 11, Season Seven].
5. If Wishes Were Horses [Episode 16, Season One].
6. Fascination [Episode 10, Season Three].
7. Ferengi Love Songs [Episode 20, Season Five].
8. Crossover [Episode 23, Season Two].
Speaking of Ferengi, I've always had an aversion to the design and look of the Ferengi race. I was particularly turned off to the Ferengi as presented in Star Trek: The Next Generation. It is Armin Shimerman as Quark that is winning me over to that loathsome creature design.
On a more positive note, here are the eight Best entries from ST:DS9's seven season run:
1. Far Beyond The Stars [Episode 13, Season Six].
2. Rocks And Shoals [Episode 2, Season Six].
3. The Visitor [Episode 3, Season Four].
4. The Siege Of AR-558 [Episode 8, Season Seven].
5. Duet [Episode 19, Season One].
6. Tribbles And Tribble-ations [Episode 6, Season Five].
7. Sacrifice Of Angels [Episode 6, Season Six].
8. In The Pale Moonlight [Episode 19, Season Six].
There it is. There's clearly a strong showing from Season Six. I am ultimately intrigued by ST:DS9 for many reasons. I'm intrigued by all those fans who stand by it as the strongest of the Star Trek offspring. So many fans call it the very best Star Trek spin-off, others the least captivating in spirit. I look forward to venturing into ST:DS9 and bringing you some of the very best of that series right here at Musings Of A Sci-Fi Fanatic.


le0pard13 said...

Fun post, Gordon. I understand your reticence about the Ferengi design. During ST:TNG, the Ferengi were my least favorite species on that show. Perhaps, it was how their stories were treated, or how their writers treated them, but I didn't find them interesting. DS9 changed that for me.

I need to go back through these Worst and Best lists of SciFiNow. I'd also agree that DS9 is the strongest spin-off in the Star Trek anthology. I think ST:TOS and ST:DS9 have the most depth to them. Count me as one who'd be very interested in your thoughts about the show as you explore this series, my friend.

A wonderful contribution to DS9 Week, Gordon. Thanks very much for this.

The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

Thank you sir. I think you've got it right. I'm not a huge fan of the Ferengi and I guess it's largely a result of ST:TNG. The Quark character is clearly changing that for me because it is such an expertly written character.

I can see where DS9 and TOS would rank together. The verdict is out if I can place them together at the top. TOS is a HUGEEEE Moutnain to climb for me. : )

Will said...

1. Profit And Lace [Episode 23, Season Six] (My #3)
2. Let He Who Is Without Sin... [Episode 7, Season Five] (Meh. I can live with this episode).
3. Meridian [Episode 8, Season Three] (My #2).
4. Prodigal Daughter [Episode 11, Season Seven] (I love this episode so screw Sci-Fi Now)
5. If Wishes Were Horses [Episode 16, Season One] (made the shortlist on SI)
6. Fascination [Episode 10, Season Three] (Wonderfully fun episode. . .SCIFI NOW CAN DIE!)
7. Ferengi Love Songs [Episode 20, Season Five] (Meh.)
8. Crossover [Episode 23, Season Two] (Bad. But Not Worst Bad).

They didn't even put Move Along Home on here. . .THAT is the worst episode of ANYTHING. Tisk Tisk SciFi Now.

1. Far Beyond The Stars [Episode 13, Season Six] (My #1 as well)
2. Rocks And Shoals [Episode 2, Season Six] (My #6)
3. The Visitor [Episode 3, Season Four] (My #2)
4. The Siege Of AR-558 [Episode 8, Season Seven] (My #7)
5. Duet [Episode 19, Season One] (My #3)
6. Tribbles And Tribble-ations [Episode 6, Season Five] (I didn't rank it. . .far from the top 50, let alone top 8, in my humble opinion).
7. Sacrifice Of Angels [Episode 6, Season Six] (Meh.)
8. In The Pale Moonlight [Episode 19, Season Six] (My #5)

Their best of list is solid. Naturally, I prefer mine *wink wink* but thanks so much for the link. I look forward to reading your Emissary review (which was ranked #11 on my list!). I didn't know you did this since I was on vacation. I added links on the final DS9 Week post. So sorry my man!

Will said...

Oh, I forgot to mention. You said that Season 6 was well represented. In my journeys with DS9, Season 5 is the most consistent from episode to episode. Season 6 has some of the greatest episodes (agreed upon by me and SciFi Now) but it also has some of the most godawful episodes. Season 4 has a lot of 'greatest hits' too.

In my Top 30, the seasons were represented almost equally. It broke down like this:

S1: 3 episodes, one in top 10
S2: 2 episodes
S3: 5 episodes, one in top 10
S4: 6 episodes, three in top 10
S5: 4 episodes
S6: 5 episodes, four in top 10
S7: 5 episodes, one in top 10

In other words, whether my list is to be agreed upon by the masses or not, there is good in the whole run for you to enjoy!

The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...


Your additional commentary was absolutely cracking me up! You forgot to mention... "SciFINow can suck it!" Seriously, they do mirror my own selections many times, but often times leave me scratching my head. I suppose these are ultimately subjective, even for a magazine, but boy they do get it wrong sometimes.

Case in point: One of their recent Best Of/ Worst Of lists for Farscape included an episode called Bone To Be Wild as one of their worst. I LOVED the episode and would never rank it as a worst. I was shocked. I thought if this is the worst, Farscape is a masterpiece through and through, and we both know that never happens for any series.

Thanks for your breakkdowns. I love statisitical input. Very interesting.