Sunday, February 7, 2010

Deep Thoughts By Michael Garibaldi 2

I was listening to Jerry Doyle [a.k.a. Michael Garibaldi] recently. He was amusing and always channels common sense. I thought I would mention a few of his comments concerning his life on Babylon 5. I'll be paraphrasing here.

He called acting the greatest job and the most fun you'd ever have. He talked about the realities of the acting life certainly being portrayed as far more glamorous than is actually the case most of the time.

He said he three things working for him when he landed his role on Babylon 5 as well as some other bit roles and jobs were as follows:

1. Luck.
2. Timing.
3. Talent. In that order.

He joked that if most people saw his work they would actually wonder about number three. He said, "I was me." By just being himself he was able to succeed. He felt he couldn't actually compete with actors like Bruce Willis or John Travolta, so he had to be himself. He laughed suggesting his best performance came early in Season Four's first few episodes where he got to lay on a table in a coma. He is a trip. I recall those weren't my favorite as far as his performances went. : )

He talked exetensively about Barack Hussein Obama and his fitness for the role of President. It did get me to thinking about my days in college and the political science classes under the tutelage of a mostly liberal political science staff as is typical in colleges and universities. There's not much in the way of conservative thought there. Back then, I certainly agreed with some of what I heard more than I do now. This too is certainly the trend.

One methodology discussed by a political thinker named Barber was a political typology that categorized Presidents. It was really quite brilliant and you could apply any one of these four categories to any President. The categories were as follows and I do believe speak for themselves.

1. Active Positive.
2. Active Negative.
3. Passive Positive.
4. Passive Negative.

It's safe to say the final category is not a real winner. By the way, this is all off memory. No books have been involved in the making of this entry.

Based upon the evidence, I would classify Obama as Active Negative in his first year. This is politics and I'm sure some would disagree. As for your opinions of him, I'll leave that to you, the media and talk radio through the likes of independent thinker Jerry Doyle a.k.a. Michael Garibaldi. You can sort things out from there.

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