Sunday, October 4, 2009

Top Ten Science Fiction Television

The X-Files manages to be the only series to make three Top Ten lists. Way to move it Gillian Anderson! Okay maybe Chris Carter and David Duchovny had something to do with it too.

My love of science fiction Best Ofs knows no boundaries. I just enjoy seeing what other people think of the genre and what they have to offer on it as much as the next guy.

The following Top Tens come by way of three contributors over at It's worth a look as the variety runs deep. Let's see who we agree with most. I have pinched some of the more interesting comments on each by each individual. I will admit after reading the list over thoroughly over at the site my taste falls in line easily with that of Aurora. She and I share the most in common. Further, she has piqued my interest in checking out the NEW Doctor Who as well as Torchwood. Without further ado enjoy the selections.

1. Stephen King's The Stand. Based upon everything we have in common I may have to have a look.
2. Buck Rogers In The 25th Century: The Complete Epic Series. I have some good memories of this show from Glen A. Larson right alongside his original Battlestar Galactica. The best of the day. "Daffy Duck does an impersonation... which is referenced in Bab 5... man, sci-fi is incestuous."
3. Frank Hebert's Dune & Frank Hebert's Children Of Dune. I've not seen the original and I haven't seen these. Some day, but my queue is quite large.
4. Babylon 5: The Complete First Season - The Complete Fifth Season. This is one of the best. "My arm had to be twisted against my will." A friend said to Aurora. "Give it two discs. You won't be sorry. Much like Doctor Who, it takes a bit to get used to the low-budget makeup and effects. But once you get past that, to the story that's being told, it's totally worth it. Stories that change us? Stories that cause us to look at the world around us from a different perspective?" Amen. Although, I always thought the make-up work was exceptional. You know my feeling on the special effects.
5. Star Trek: The Original Series Season One - Three & Star Trek The Next Generation: The Complete Series. "I'm grouping The Original Series and TNG together, but omitting the other elements of the franchise. The first two were under Roddenberry's guidance, as such I believe they largely remained true to his vision. For the remaining series in the franchise, I think they got away from the core, from the heart of that which the franchise represents." Interesting and valid point. Some might consider the other offshoot franchises as attempting to add some flavor and open it up. You decide.
6. The X-Files: The Complete Series.
7. Firefly: The Complete Series. "The camaraderie the cast manifests is beautiful." It's perfection. More to come.
8. Torchwood: The Complete First/ Second Season.
9. Doctor Who: The Complete First Series -The Complete Fourth Series. "I recall... images of a guy with an Afro and a scarf, surrounded by bizarre light tricks and a mechanical dog and some crazy cardboard dudes with toilet plungers coming off them." Hey, those aren't plungers! Okay, well, maybe they are plungers. The boy wonder thinks so too, but they definitely weren't cardboard. As far as the new reinvented series goes, Aurora is pretty pleased she discovered it. "I thank all that's holy I did- I have gotten more jolly laughs and pillow biting suspense than I ever would have expected."
10. Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series. "If we make robots in our own image, what if they try to become like us?" She notes an episode from that series called Unfinished Business. It is also available in an extended form in that DVD Box Set. She notes it as a highlight. I would completely agree. Unfinished Business is one of the very best from the series.

1. Mystery Science Theatre 3000.
2. Futurama: The Complete Collection.
3. Star Trek: The Original Series Season One - Three. "Some would pick Next Generation, but for me they stayed in the ship way too much." I like that. It's amazing what a functional, frequently utilized transporter room can do. "For innovation, and great character it's the original series for me. The imagination and inventiveness of this show puts it on top as far as creating actual science fiction that seems viable. Nearly every science fiction innovation in the show was believable and its influence on science fiction that followed are innumerable." I agree.
4. Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Season One - Four.
5. Batman: The Complete Animated Series.
6. The X-Files: The Complete Series.
7. Hercules: The Legendary Journeys: Seasons 1-6 & Xena: Warrior Princess: The Complete Series.
8. Farscape: The Complete Series. "If Star Trek met The Muppets: What a great idea."
9. Invader Zim: Complete Series.
10. True Blood: The Complete First Season.

1. Twin Peaks. Hmm. I've heard an awful lot of things over the years about this one. Perhaps I'm missing something. I don't know. Somebody stop me or egg me on because I might have to look into it.
2. The X-Files: The Complete Series. Interesting this made all three of the lists found here. I've seen many of the episodes, but there was plenty I missed. I do look forward to checking this out from start to finish. Mike mention feeling guilt for not having watched it back when it was on television. He reckons if he had been on board it may have lasted longer, but I think The X-Files was one of those series that had run its course. Change had an impact on it good and bad, but the end came. I think guilt should come into play when fans like us weren't there for a series like Firefly. After fourteen episodes it was gone. It was magical and no one was there for it. Now that's guilt.
3. The Twilight Zone: The Complete Definitive Collection. "To be perfectly sissy about it, there are episodes that scare me too much to rewatch. Case in point: I know the wondrous silliness of Shatner, and I know when he pulls up the airplane window shade, the monster is out there, but even after watching that damned airplane episode a hundred times, it is apparent that Rod Serling knew a very concrete and savvy way to freak my shit out. I simply can't watch it!" Great point. I'm right there with you Mike! "You could the pants off a contemporary 13-year-old."
4. Joe Bob's Drive-In Theatre.
5. Wonder Woman: The Complete Series. I must admit the sheer mention of this one and the possibility of seeing Linda Carter in action once again does prompt my interest straight away. A half naked woman with bracelets deflecting bullets. Count me in. Where's the nearest DVD store? Nevermind, I have to open another link I'll be right back.
6. The Kingdom: Series One -Two.
7. The Prisoner: The Complete Series. "Weird as shit."
8. The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. I must admit part of me is intrigued.
9. Alf: Season One-Four. Gosh, my father loved this show.
10. Lost: The Complete Seasons 1-5. "For every moment of true sci-fi headscratching bliss in Lost, there are ten instances of stone-cold narrative stupidity that would make even the most armchair Isaac Asimov fan groan with boredom. Its sci-fi and fantasy leanings tend to be so one-note and derivative that I scream with a bookworm's fiery fury every time one rears its ugly head... Do I hate it? Probably. Will I watch every single final moment of its upcoming final season? You bet your ass I will."


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