Friday, October 23, 2009

The Host

The Host is essentially a tribute to the Japanese kaiju film or monster movie. Toho remains Japan's king of the genre and has released a whole host of classic, perfectly delicious, man-in-the-rubber-suit Godzilla films. Who doesn't love them all?

The Host [2006] is Korea's answer to the genre and Director Joon Bong-ho's homage, perhaps unintentionally so, to those pictures captures much of the hysteria found in those classics. There's a mood, intensity and atmosphere to much of the film that is uniquely modern and slick, but remains particularly intimate thanks to a, er-herm, a host of fine characters. It's a solid little monster movie. It's worth a look if you enjoy the monster-on-the-loose pictures. I'm a geek for them.

In fact, much to my surprise there are some outstanding sequences shot refreshingly in broad daylight. How many monster films are shot in broad daylight? What a concept.

This is terrifying stuff and I remember having loads of sleepless nights with vivid nightmares when I was a kid running from the crafted monster of my mind. This captures the essence of all of our worst fears. Do you remember hiding behind buildings and running for your life? Somehow I was always quite clever.

But why would anyone taunt this thing? I mean for the love of God RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

In the end, The Host is a solid picture, but a truly exceptional genre film for those who look for and love giant monster movies.

The Host: A


TFKoP said...

Great movie.


The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

It is really good stuff. Wicked Water Spider that thing!