Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kirk & Bones: The Great Ice Planet Adventure: Part 7: Briefs or Boxers?

Kirk: Apart from that Superbabe there doesn't appear to me of a night life on this planet.

Bones: Perhaps all lifeforms that inhabit the planet live underground due to the harsh conditions.

Kirk: Perhaps Bones. Perhaps.

Bones: Jim! Your blue briefs are showing.

Kirk: It's all part of my plan Bones to lure that Mystery Babe out from the shadows again.

Bones: Hmmm, I see. Well, with all due respect, she didn't seem particularly interested in us.

Kirk: That's because she hasn't gotten up close and personal with big Jim to see the error of her ways.

Bones: Is that it? Well, the winds are breaking cold again and here comes the snow. The temperature and climate is shifting rapidly once again as it did just a few short hours ago. We're going to need to find help. Jim, I think I see something ahead.

Kirk: Bones, more importantly, are you a briefs or boxers man?

Bones: Damn it Jim! This is no time for an undies discussion.

Kirk: What about long johns eh? Those would be quite to our liking right right about now.

Bones: Yes, yes. Long johns are nice. This way.

Kirk: How 'bout the Snuggie?

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