Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kirk & Bones: The Great Ice Planet Adventure: Part 6: The Big Thaw

With the Mystery Babe now gone. Kirk and Bones break free of the packed snow drift as the planet temperature begins to warm and they begin to thaw.

Kirk: Which way did did she go Bones?

Bones: Damned if I know Jim. I'm just trying to get the feeling back in my hands and legs.

Kirk: Look, we're free from the ice. I'm not sure which way she went, but she couldn't have gone far.

Bones: What's wrong with that woman? Couldn't she see we were in need of aid and we were in pain. Now that is cold Jim.

Kirk: Ah, Bones, it's the way of the galaxy. She's playing hard to get. It's in a woman's nature. I don't care what planet you're from you can't escape the challenge of the chase, the thrill of the pursuit, the game of love. Much like this planet, behind that icy exterior is a woman yearning to light a raging fire of passion.

Bones: Huh? Whatever. I've had just about enough of this place. We need to find help and fast. If the rapid change in temperature is any indication we could be in for a cold spell before you know it. We've got to find some way of reaching Scotty. Here, without phasers, we'll need these snazzy little ice balls just in case for protection.
Kirk: Easy does it Bones. We have ourselves a fancy female to find. We'll need more than that for protection. Lady luck tells me we might just be able to pull it off before our next dance with death comes along.

Bones: Good grief. How in heaven's name we ever get off these planets will forever be a wonder.

To Be Continued...

"You're outside playing with your dolls and there's still no coffee in my hand!" - The One To Be Pitied.

"Hey! Those are action figures." -The Sci-Fi Fanatic.

Folks, let it be said, creating drama with Star Trek Action figures is no easy task. Never mind tending to The One To Be Pitied.

First, there is the covert operation of filming either in broad daylight or the undercover of night. Every effort is made not to be spotted by neighbors. Granted most are good friends and know that I am making movie magic and tend to be ho-hum about the whole thing. "Oh, it's just that crazy Sci-Fi Fanatic. No bother." They must see me when I think I'm completely incognito and think, "why is he playing with dolls?" I would of course correct them on their labelling pointing out they are definitely not dolls.
Second, there is the bit with my actors whereby they are completely temperamental and difficult to work with at times. They don't always cooperate. Wind gusts and other such elements can often wreak unmerciful havoc with an establishing shot and the next thing you know you have Bones doing a face plant into Kirk's crotch. The camera has to be placed down on the ground and every effort has to be made to get them back in position. Sometimes, it's a bitch when you're working with more than two actors and they just refuse to play nice. You can spend far too much time in the wind and cold to get just one or two shots on a bad day.
Anyway, it's all in the name of sci-fi magic [or not].

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