Sunday, June 22, 2008

Destination: Everglades City

"Vacation all I ever wanted/ Vacation had to get away" -The Go-Gos

That's it folks. I need a break from it all. So I've decided to head to the Everglades. I thought the kids would get a kick out of the gators. Actually, I think I'm looking forward to them more than they are. Pelicans, snakes, racoons, maybe even a rare Ghost Orchid. Should be cool. Well, HOT as HELL, but cool. The One To Be Pitied is dreading the whole thing. Look, I'm tired of fake plastic Disney.

Anyway, it's probably a good moment to take a break. I'm at the half-way point of the Babylon 5 series and it's been a helluva viewing experience. So I will return in about a week to resume with Babylon 5, Season 3, Episode 11. From what I've been told the last three entries work in collaboration as a kind of 3 parter so it's a good point to break. I may try and post something remotely but in the event I can't get to it because I fell off a swamp rat [air boat] in the middle of the Everglades and I'm swimming for my life I just wanted to give my fellow sci-fi fanatics a head's up.
I totally geeked out in preparation for my trip and designed my own T-shirt with my blogspot address on the back of it; a little shameless self-promotion. So keep an eye out for me if you happen to be in the sunshine state.

This T-Shirt business was a total experiment just for fun. I'm making some for my kids. Anyway, funny thing is I actually made a mistake when I ironed on my advertisement upside down. You should have seen me with an iron in hand. I was like "Oh no. I just spent 6 dollars on a T-Shirt and I've ruined it." So I had to reprint it and try to make it work otherwise my shirt was a complete waste. So now it's like Mirror Universe Spock. I know. I'm dorkin' it. It was a good effort. Hey, I betchya never thought you'd see me in a Babylon 5 shirt based upon my initial skepticism for the show way back in Season One. I sure was kidding myself.

Have a great week guys!

T-Shirt Design: B
T-Shirt Execution: C-


Anonymous said...

Hi, I think the "mirror universe" design is quite nice :)

Have nice vacation!


The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

Thanks M! You're always there for me. You wouldn't believe it. Rough Start. We missed the flight. Heading out soon. 2nd try should do it. Fill ya in later. Ughh!