Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ancient Space Disco Ball Remixes

The mind works in funny ways sometimes, but this was just something that was playing in my head so I just had to try it for a laugh. If you didn't know I'm a pretty avid music fan along with my love for science fiction. I like music alot and just about any category will do. This was more or less an experiment. The end result was okay given it was done on the fly. I slowed down the sequence a touch.

I'm digging the Minbari keyboardists!

Please folks that is not Barry Gibb. Perhaps the 5th mystery Gibb brother Marcus, but not Barry. By the way, Ivanova is very sexy in slow motion.

I'll tell you what, that ship Straczynski and company created is such a psychedelic spectacle it is undeniably one of the coolest I have ever seen in sci-fi.

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