Wednesday, April 23, 2008

THE Babylon 5 Factoid

I was perusing the special features of Baylon 5 Season 1: The Coming Of Shadows and stumbled upon some excellent special features. I won't watch the first two featurettes because I don't want to see anything or bump into any information I don't want to know about yet.

The data files were cool and here is essentially a synopsis concerning all you need to know about that special character at the center of our story, Babylon 5.
  • 2.5 million metric tons of spinning metal
  • 5 miles long
  • 6,500 personnel
  • 1,500 docking bay workers
  • Rotates creating its own gravity
  • Orbits Epsilon 3 in neutral space
  • Built for peace
  • Defensive weapons include: Starfury fleet & Pulse Cannons
The sections of Babylon 5 include:

Brown Sector [Down Below]: industrial section/ high crime.

Red Sector: Zocalo/ shops/ entertainment/ bars/ hotels/ casinos/ the gardens [oxygen].

Blue Sector: Docking/ 60 bays/ C & C [Command & Control].

Green Sector: Diplomatic chambers/ Personnel Quarters/ Alien Sector/ Medlabs.

Yellow/Grey Sector: Power and Suport Systems/ Rotation Drivers.

I know I was harsh on the old girl, but the Babylon 5 space station has won me over. I even went so far as to purchase a little pewter replica for my mantle so I could gaze up lovingly at it while I watch the show. Don't make fun.


Anonymous said...

For more information and a map of the station see here:

While this link and the one leading to the map and NASA is spoiler-free, the rest of the midwinter-site isn't.


Anonymous said...
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The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

M! Thanks for the site tip.....I won't go therte for a while. Thank you One To Be Pitied! ;D