Saturday, January 5, 2008

Beyond Loch Ness

You know I was really itching to call the title of this blog entry, Don S. Davis, What The Hell Were You Thinking? Maybe I should have. Maybe they should have called Beyond Loch Ness the same.

Looks Like Game Over for this poor fellow.

Yup! Definitely Game Over....

I know Sci-Fi Channel has to be paying these actors good money because the "spare no expense" approach is not being applied to the special effects. Granted, they weren't terrible. The key to CGI is slowing down those monster movements!!! Damn! They move way too fast. It makes creatures look rediculous. Van Helsing and Hulk both had bad CGI and when it's applied poorly it's hard to suspend our disbelief. Thats' why they both sucked!

Paul McGillion [Stargate Atlantis] has a role, a very brief one. He gets the luxury of being eaten alive by the beast in the first 5 minutes. It sets up the revenge tale as his son looks on. Don S. Davis [Stargate SG-1] is in law enforcement and attempting to navigate through some very bad dialogue [he even says "What the hell?" at one point- times are tough since SG-1 closed the gate]. People basically die and keep dying on Lake Superior, Vancouver. The kid who played Teal'c's son, Rya'c, makes an appearance too, yeah, a real brief appearance. He winds up kibble and bits for old Nessie.

For a beast that has alluded cameras and videographers for sure seems like it's looking for attention. Those baby Nessies aren't helpful either. Everyone seems to congregate at the lake and ... wah lah dinner is served! So the "Beyond" part of Beyond Loch Ness is that Plessie has been busy in the old loch of love. Don doesn't even get to collect his check in the end. The whole thing is all wet!

Look, you know things aren't good when the wife pleads with you to turn back to the football game. She called the film "one nudie scene away from Friday the 13th." That's priceless. I'm not sure, but this may have been worse than Showdown At Area 51.

Folks! Remember, the budget is injected into Stargate Atlantis and that show rocks!!!

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