Sunday, May 27, 2018

The Expanse Renewed

My Amazon Prime subscription just became more valuable than ever. Amazon Prime or Prime Video has renewed The Expanse (2015-present) for a fourth season saving the tremendous science fiction series from the cancelling arms of SyFy in just under two weeks.

This writer and fan of the series remained hopeful and the optimism has born fruit.

I've had mild interest in some of Amazon's programming but now more than ever I'll be supporting the streaming of its programming and I will be front row and center for the return of The Expanse at Amazon. This is tremendous news.

The series has an abundance of source material and with all of these tremendous James S.A. Corey books from which to draw the future of the series has so much potential.

Anyone watching The Expanse Season Three currently as of this writing can tell you it continues to be a suspenseful space thriller.

Thank you Amazon.

The same holds true for USA's Colony so be sure to check that series out too. Season Three of that series also continues to thrill and impress.

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