Sunday, April 22, 2018

Lost In Space (Netflix)

Warning Warning! A new LOST IN SPACE approaching!

As a result of a number of life changes and still being unsettled I've had to take some required time off from Musings Of A Sci-Fi Fanatic. Still, when have I ever been consistent long term here?

I've also had some difficulty accessing photos from a TV with my Sony camera. Ultimately I've started taking pictures with my iPhone. In the end it seems to be more efficient and it seems to be taking reasonably beautiful pictures.

So I'll do my best at re-establishing some fairly inconsistent rhythms here going forward despite this rather tumultuous life.

The reviews are in and varied for the new LOST IN SPACE (2018) and at the very least I've been inspired to write about all ten episodes of the new series now available on Netflix with pictures supplied by yours truly, The Sci-Fi Fanatic.
This new series and my love for the old series have me quite enthusiastic about spending some quality time on it here and then hopefully returning to the tried and true original sometime this year. Naturally, this writer and fanatic of all things Lost In Space will draw contrasts and comparisons where appropriate. Every effort will be made to remain spoiler free, but naturally impossible to be perfect in that effort so stowaway at your own risk.

So there will be no cursory, binge-watched one and done reviews here only musings. Musings Of A Sci-Fi Fanatic will bring you all ten episodes in full over the course of the next three weeks. It's a rare thing to be sure, and this writer has sometimes shied away from brand new science fiction releases, but this time I'm ready to deliver for fans of Lost In Space and the overarching franchise property that has likely been one of the most neglected of the sci-fi franchises.

Though many are not inclined to do so, feel free to leave your comments regarding this Lost In Space along the way if so moved.
My ten entries and concluding thoughts have been written and this writer will share those thoughts with you. I know we have some voracious Lost In Space fans who visit here and I count myself among them.

So, To Be Continued...

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