Friday, September 8, 2017

Another Lost In La Mancha Blogging Moment

Just when you think you are grooving on all cylinders, shit happens.

In anticipation of the release of Blade Runner 2049 (2017) by director Denis Villeneuve I had been planning on doing something a little different here at Musings Of A Sci-Fi Fanatic.

I had been writing extensively about the original Blade Runner (1982) film by director Ridley Scott. This site was intending to host a month long series of varying posts surrounding that revolutionary, iconic and influential film.

The writing and the posts were completed. I spent roughly two weeks taking meticulous screen captures each night of the film that I had intended to use and edit here for those posts.

I had intended to commence that series of posts here in September for a good month long run, but alas that will not be.

As a fellow geek once said to me, if you don't have three back ups you have none.

Well, sadly, the external hard drive I used busted and every image I had captured was lost forever. In fact every image I ever snapped for this blog was now gone.

It took the winds right out of my sails for blogging.

This is an example of how it goes and how something like this can really pull me off course.

Oh well. It's minor. It's back to the drawing board, but it definitely has not gone as planned.

It's just one of those annoying setbacks. Not my smartest move either. You just don't anticipate that happening at the wrong time. All those new pictures gone. Ugh. So much for best laid plans people.

So I just have to get back up on that elusive unicorn.

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