Thursday, April 21, 2016

Mark Fergus: On The Expanse

"Science fiction fare tends to jump over the couple of hundred years when mankind clawed its way off Earth and got out into the solar system, which changed the way humanity perceived itself.
... It just seems like the genre hops over to when we get all the cool toys and aliens.
It just skips over the most interesting period and this book series was squarely in that in-between place.
It's much more about how people change given the ability to leave the planet rather than about tech or science."
-Showrunner Mark Fergus on The Expanse, SciFi Magazine, February 2016, p.56-

This is an accurate depiction of the established setting in play for the fantastic adaptation of the James S.A. Corey books for the TV series The Expanse (2015-present).

This writer prays this one is a keeper for SyFy. Science fiction doesn't come better. Great casting, great production values and great writing equals essential science fiction television. The Expanse is a true winner.

If I had any quibble at all it is that The Expanse is comprised of just a ten episode season. What goes into each episode though does speak to its quality. We just want more.

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