Monday, September 7, 2015

Martin Milner (1931-2015)

"People calling us pigs---wives and children and friends having to live with that---because one rotten cop gets both his feet in the trough."
 -Pete Malloy, as played by Martin Milner, on Adam-12-
Martin Milner who will forever be remembered as Pete Malloy on Adam-12 (1968-1975) has passed. As a kid I adored and respected law enforcement officers Pete Malloy and partner Jim Reed, played by Kent McCord, on Adam-12. Adam-12 dealt with police stories of its era, but these were indeed noble officers like those who populated CHiPs (1977-1983).

As Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck noted about Millner as Malloy. He offered a "depiction of a professional and tough yet compassionate cop." It has been reported Milner inspired Beck to a career in law enforcement.

Deputy Chief Beatrice Girmala also declared Milner's character an inspiration. "He honored police officers in every episode, by demonstrating with professionalism and poignancy life on the beat."

The legendary and iconic Adam-12 lasted for seven seasons and 174 episodes. He would later appear on another favorite Emergency! (1972-1977) in a guest role for three episodes including the Pilot.

With all the negative and unfortunate publicity towards law enforcement today, Milner's passing is a reminder of the good men and women do too. Despite silence and mixed messages from top officials including the President, movements that chant the very words that have existed since the days of Adam-12, this, for me, not only serves as a tribute to Milner's timeless role on Adam-12 and the values they represented and instilled in me, but also as a tribute to all the men and women, of every color and creed, in blue who serve and protect people from all walks of life.

The aforementioned quote that led this post could be ripped from a headline today. As much as misguided forces and equally misguided media persists and drives a narrative there is much good these men and women do. So thank you Martin Milner and thank you law enforcement everywhere. The fact of the matter is, police are human and flawed and also have it tougher than ever today and many of us want you to know you continue to have our full support and gratitude. Because without Pete Malloy and Jim Reed and the likes of you life would be very different.

My sympathies as Martin Milner---another husband, father, friend, colleague---and for me, great childhood role model---is gone. Milner was 83.


Dar said...

I used to watch it too. Very classy and top notch.

Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

Well said.... Class ... A real commodity nowadays.

Joseph Gilbert Thompson said...

one the most realistic cops shows ever

Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

Amen to that and still some episodes and moments ring very true.