Thursday, August 29, 2013

Science Fiction Non-Fiction: James McLean (Millennium)

"An interview with an actor appearing on Star Trek would be more about the show and the character than the artist behind the role. We wanted to make sure that the artists on Millennium Group Sessions felt they were being interviewed for who they were, not being treated as a teat from which the fan could suckle more information about their favorite show."
-James McLean on efforts behind generating a campaign to bring back Frank Black and Millennium properly through exhaustive research and an intelligent approach much like the series itself, Back To Frank Black: A Return To Chris Carter's Millennium-

Citing Star Trek in this rather salient point is just one of the many made regarding a comprehensive work on Millennium and all involved in a fantastic read from the reference quality work that is the publication Back To Frank Black: A Return To Chris Carter's Millennium (2012).  That full analysis is forthcoming.


TL Foreman said...


James comment is right on point. When he and I first sat down to discuss how we wanted to approach doing this podcast, that was something we both agreed on from the beginning. Yes, the podcast is about Millennium and our campaign, but these actors, writers, producers and directors are more than just Millennium and we wanted that to come through in our interviews.

The funny thing is that most of the people we've interviewed on the podcast always wanted to go back and talk about Millennium when we spoke to them.

The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

It's an undeniably terrific point.

I love the approach and that comes through equally so in the book on a wealth of subjects.

TL Foreman said...


Thank you. That just validates that we went in the right direction with our podcast.

Perfect example..we just finished an interview with legendary actress Barbara Bain who is much more than a guest on Millennium. Although she didn't remember much about being on Millennium, talking with her about her career was fascinating since both James and I are big fans of Mission Impossible and Space 1999.

The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

You know that is fairly hysterical but the older I get the more I understand.

Bain is unquestionably prolific and older. I can understand having those absences of memory and I am sympathetic to her in this way.

But I'd really love to hear that interview, because like you, I loved her on the two series you mentioned, but she was wonderful in Matryoshka as Lily Unser.