Friday, January 18, 2013

Fringe Theme

The incredibly delicate, beautiful theme to Fringe by Michael Giacchino [Lost, Alcatraz, Star Trek, Cloverfield, Up] and composer J.J. Abrams is something to behold and easily falls in line behind other wonderful scoring selections like Giacchino's work on Lost.

It's one of the best sci-fi themes out there and easily ranks up there with the likes of Mark Snow's fantastic theme for The X-Files and Joel Goldsmith's numbers for the Stargate franchise as contemporary compositions go.  It is yet another in a long line of terrific themes dating back to Star Trek [Alexander Courage] and Lost In Space [John Williams].  It is simply memorable.

The Fringe theme is deceptively simple yet effectively captures the essence of Fringe like an idea born and then building into something thoroughly complex, beautiful yet unnerving.  It is both gorgeous and chilling at once.

Upon several listens I added the soundtrack to a Fancave shelf that boasts the best of Mark Snow's work on The X-Files and Millennium as well as the works of Joel Goldsmith, Barry Gray [Space:1999, Thunderbirds with a little nod to FAB FRIDAY], Alexander Courage and John Williams just to name a few.

Giacchino provided a few selections to the soundtrack for Fringe Season One.  Most of Season One is scored by his assistant Chad Seiter, while Chris Tilton assumed scoring responsibilities for the other half.  Tilton would take the lead on the remaining seasons for the series.  Giacchino's wonderfully sinister End Title Theme appears on the soundtrack for Season Two.  I only have the first season which is essential, but all of the soundtracks provide wonderful accompaniment to the mood of the series in general.  Here is the fantastic opening music, composed by J.J. Abrams, accompanying a clever visual experience as ciphers, with more going on than meets the eye, combine with assorted fringe science subject titles that drift across the screen.

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