Friday, March 16, 2012

FAB FRIDAY Photo 6: Thunderbirds By Scale

Quiet week, but it's all better now because it's FAB FRIDAY! It's time for the spicy world of all things Gerry and Sylvia Anderson wonderful.

We all know and love our Thunderbirds and we have a pretty good handle on their size. Still, this scale chart was particularly cool as credited to Nigel Sadler.

Reminiscing about Thunderbird 2. That bird was always practical and beautiful to me as a kid, but there were moments when I wished and hoped for a greater offensive capability, perhaps a few missiles. Still, that was the naive wish of a child with an overactive imagination. In actuality, these craft were perfectly designed. There is a timeless quality about them that explains why affection continues. The fact that the film Thunderbirds [2004] tinkered with the original designs in an effort to give them some kind of contemporary or new edge that never took hold speaks to the longevity, durability and lasting appeal built into the originals. Does anyone even remember what those ships looked like in the aforementioned film? You'd have to think about it.

T2 and the other machines clearly worked within the scope of a reactive organization appropriately dubbed International Rescue. The framework of the private, covert, family-sized outfit was operating on a mission statement essentially intended to serve by protecting and saving lives. going out on offense would have changed the fabric of that series markedly. This essentially noble mission statement may explain to a good degree why the series has endured in the same fashion Star Trek: The Original Series would endure.

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