Friday, December 23, 2011

Space:1999 Maligned

This is precisely the kind of anti-Space:1999 sentiment that has affected its legacy through the years.

It's often much maligned. It's hostile reactions like this one that are almost reflexive and hostile by those quick to dismiss it.

The series has endured an unfair battle fighting detractors and mean-spirited quips.

How bad can a series be starring a double babe bill of Barbara Bain and Catherine Schell?

In fact, these two always make FRIDAY FAB!


Albert Leon said...

SPACE:1999 is my life-long favorite TV series. Love everything about it!

ednews_us said...

I too a fan of Space:1999..I too liked Mya and Tony..Plus thought they should have brought back for season II, Paul Morrow,..role by actor Prentice Hancock

The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

Absolute right. Loved Maya and Tony myself. But still would have liked that original cast + 2. Right there with you.